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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Special Effects

Outdoor projection scrim Cielorama breaks world records
XL projection net on skyscraper steals the show
Holographic projections on PepperScrim
Immersive video mapping effects on invisible scrim
Stylish car launch using roll-up systems
Stirring projections and a stunning car reveal
Bank reveal with impressive curtain drop
Daisy-chained Kabuki drop systems show off their reveal skills
Hardware and textile solutions for world expo
Countless m² of projection screens, prints, masking solutions and more
XL projections on outdoor Cielorama scrims at Sky Song
Extra-wide outdoor projection scrims
1000m² of projection fabrics for the Gustav Klimt expo
360 projections of famous artworks
Beyond Bruegel
Art meets 360° projection technology
Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four
Circular scrim projections
The Challenge
GobelinTulle immerges the audience in 3D projections
Morpheus Macau
A majestic HiSpeed Reveal!
Porsche Experience Centre
Spectacular outdoor Kabuki drop
New Suns Expo
Stunning projections on a three-dimensional Voile CS screen
Morning Mist Wedding
Lightweight fabrics floating in the air
Lumieres Hong Kong
StretchTulle as the ultimate outdoor projection surface
Expo 2017 opening ceremony
StretchTulle projection mapping
Take That
FP XL Mesh in Wonderland
Islamic Solidarity Games
Featuring an impressive curved projection screen
The Nutcracker by Plushenko
video projections onto roll-up PVC screens by ShowTex
Embrace Vincent
mesmerizing kaleidoscopic effects with GiantMirror
UAE National Day
featuring outdoor projection screens
Dynamic Huangshan
amazing special effects on stage with ShowTex projectionscreens
Singapore National Day Parade
ShowTex Hong Kong created an entire fabric Sky City
MOTN Opening Ceremony
A stage full of ShowTex fabrics and tracks
Saiyah #2 by Yoko Seyama
kinetic light sculpture featuring ShowTex GiantMirror
European Games 2015
8m high laser-cut Fire Temple
Empathy for Khojaly
Explosive room-filling 3D mapping effects on Cyclo 200
Battle of Waterloo
Colorful DekoTaft flags
Dubai Design District
Interactive ceiling featuring StretchTulle, Bannerdrape and integrated LEDs by showtex
Mille Plateaux
Stunning multi-layered art installation
5th DIPC
Opening ceremony filled with projection surfaces
Ocean Night
liquid visuals projected on StretchTulle by ShowTex
Dance! Dance! Dance!
A combination of a laser-cut and printed canvas on stage
Texas Aggies Go To War
From monument to giant 3D projection surface
Festival of Lights
featuring stretchtulle mesh to project on while still seeing the building
Sensing Spaces
pvc and voile as projection surfaces
Shikumen House
Optical illusions with GiantMirror by ShowTex
UAE National Day 2013
Burj Al Arab tower Stretchtulle wrap for projection
Love in the city
fading the line between theatre and reality
Mini World Futsal
Kicking off with a spectacular opening ceremony featuring a classic scrim with 3D projections
gravity-defying art installation featuring GiantMirror
Dubai Shopping Festival
a multitude of water, fire and windproof solutions
Noa Beach Club
Inventive StretchTulle construction
London Olympics
Custom confectioned LED integrated fabrics
seamless truss covers in a unique set design
presents harpists in a bubble
Festival of Light Ghent
interactive glow in the dark installation
St. Petersburg 308
a glassless mirror backed with black Molton illuminates the stage
Ferrari World
Unique projection surfaces and reveal curtains
Wedding in ShowTex style
73m wide stretch screen


Special Effects

Saiyah #2 by Yoko Seyama

“Saiyah - Light and Color composition #2” is a kinetic light sculpture, featuring a GiantMirror by ShowTex. 

European Games 2015

The closing ceremony of the very 1st European Games featured an 8m high laser cut Fire Temple.

Empathy for Khojaly

Explosive room-filling 3D mapping effects on Cyclo 200

Battle of Waterloo

Colorful DekoTaft flags mark the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.

Dubai Design District

Interactive ceiling features StretchTulle, Bannerdrape and integrated ShowLED Hybrid LEDs.

Mille Plateaux

Stunning art installation featuring multi-layered projection surfaces in a variety of ShowTex materials.

5th DIPC

360° projections on Universal 250 and StretchTulle brings the spectators in the heart of the action.

Ocean Night

Surreal moonlit scuba dive during New York Fashion Week featuring StretchTulle and Mesh Fabric Profile.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Arsenal brings film, music and multiple fabrics by ShowTex together in a unique live performance.

Texas Aggies Go To War

ShowTex StretchTulle transforms the Mardasson monument in Bastogne into a giant 3D projection surface.

Festival of Lights

Versatile StretchTulle mesh was used to create various projection surfaces for some of the installations.

Sensing Spaces

Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.