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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

StretchTulle projection surface
StretchTulle projection surface
StretchTulle projection surface
StretchTulle projection surface

Lumieres Hong Kong

Hong Kong
January 2018

During the Lumieres Hong Kong Festival, a grey StretchTulle mesh by ShowTex transformed the facade of the iconic Mandarin Oriental Hotel into a giant outdoor projection surface!

Visitors of the LUX installation got the opportunity to take a selfie and transform it into a true piece of light art. The best artworks were then projected onto the facade, ingeniously lighting up the stunning Hong Kong night.

Unlike other materials, fabrics are relatively fast to install. Therefore, they are often used for large-scale outdoor projection mapping effects. For this 35-by-35-metre screen, StretchTulle turned out to be the perfect fit because of its exceptional strength and excellent projection qualities. On top of that, the see-through material still allowed guests inside the hotel to look outside and enjoy the scenery without compromising the view. After the event, the mesh could be removed very easily, causing minimum inconvenience to the hotel guests.

The ultimate selfie? This might be it!

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