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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

5th DIPC

Dubai, UAE
December 2014


More than 1.000 competitors from 43 countries entered this year’s Dubai International Parachuting Championships (DIPC) at Skydive Dubai. The impressive opening ceremony took place in a custom-built silo measuring 60m in diameter, and from top to bottom clad in ShowTex projection surfaces. A unique set-up that allowed spectators to be seated in the heart of the action!

Six Universal 250 BB screens with black backing created a breathtaking 360 degree projection surface onto the sides of the silo. Measuring 13m high by 25m wide each, the giant blackout screens were mounted in a ShowTex screen frame and rigged onto a scaffolding structure.
The fabric ceiling of the silo consisted of no less than 2.000 square meters of StretchTulle, split into 6 panels and tensioned with glass fibre rods. The elastic mesh allowed to create holographic projection effects inside the silo, while the fireworks outside were still visible.

The crowd that was seated in the middle of the structure could see the aerialists, the 360 degree projections and various special effects all at the same time, almost as if they themselves were flying in the air!