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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Dynamic Huangshan

October 2016

ShowTex provided various projection fabrics and screens for Yang Liping’s latest show, giving shape to amazing effects on stage. The contemporary dance performance is an adaptation of the Chinese folk tale “Marriage of the Fairy Princess”.

A stage-filling grey and black GobelinTulle scrim was alternately placed in front of the performers, to put them in the middle of a projected scene on stage. The scrims reflected and transmitted the light beautifully, creating an impressive stage experience for the spectators! The fabrics offered a 3D scene to the Chinese traditional story, supporting special effects for roles such as “the seven fairies” and their magic.

The impressive backdrop of the show consisted of a giant RP Grey projection screen of 8 m high by 14 m wide, welded with nearly invisible joints. This universal PVC screen has a low gain and is ideal for both front and rear projection. The screen featured dazzling projections of the endless sea, cloudy skies, a bamboo forest, the Huanshan Mountain and much more.

Dynamic Huangshan fuses modern dance, acrobatics, lighting and stage technics to re-invent the folk tale, presenting one of the most traditional and stunning performances at the foot of the Huanshan Mountain!