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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Saiyah #2 by Yoko Seyama

Tokyo & Berlin
September 2015

Light is key for Berlin-based Japanese scenographer and multimedia artist Yoko Seyama. Her latest installation “Saiyah - Light and Color composition #2” is a kinetic light sculpture, featuring a GiantMirror by ShowTex.

The light of a light source as white as daylight is split into two colours by projection on a spectral window which only lets through a specific colour wavelength while the remaining wavelengths are reflected. With this simple mechanism, the colours are remixed over and over again to create new layers, patterns and colours of the spectrum. In total four motorised spectroscopic windows and a full mirror by ShowTex were used to create a unique interaction of moving colours.

Saiyah #2 was first exhibited in Tokyo’s Pola Museum Annex and later on at the Acud Macht Neu in Berlin.

Project credits

Yoko Seyama