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Projection Screens

Front, Rear & Twin projection screens are an integral part of theatres, arenas, cinemas, and event venues. ShowTex produces the world’s largest screens with nearly invisible joints and offers a wide selection of projection surfaces, making it easy to find the most appropriate screen with optimum viewing for any given application.

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RP Pano - twin projection screen

Supple low gain projection surface, ideal for fast fold screens or large panoramic roll-up screens.

RP Blue - rear projection screen

Low gain twin projection screen with a cool colour temperature for very accurate image and colour reproduction.

HiSpeed RollScreen 3000

Medium-size, easy to install, budget-friendly, fixed-speed roller system.

Innovative projection and light spheres measuring up to 6 meters in diameter.

PhosphorFoil - glow in the dark fabric

Phosphorescent projection foil or glow in the dark fabric.

Portable projection screen with front and rear projection foil.

ScreenFrame - projection fabric

Large front or rear projection screen on a black modular, aluminium frame that can be wall-mounted, freestanding or suspended from the ceiling.

Standard electric roll-up projection screen with front or rear projection foil up to 4 m wide.

Electric roll-up projection screen with front or rear projection foil up to 450 cm wide.

Motorised, roll-up projection screen with front or rear projection foil.

HiSpeed RollScreen 8000 - roll-up projection screen

Ultra-fast motorised roll-up projection screen, up to 1.8 m / second.

ClearScreen Crystal - transparent foil

Absolutely crystal-clear transparent foil.

ClearScreen Frost - foil

Decorative, matte foil with very high yield. 

RP Fusion - rear projection screen

High gain twin screen for front or rear projection and special effects.

RP Black - rear projection screen

High gain rear projection screen. For use with single, strong projector.