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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Dance Carpets & Flooring

ShowTex offers a variety of performance and event dance floors, carpet storage solutions, vinyl tape, cleaner and other accessories concerning PVC flooring. Our roll out sheet vinyl dance flooring is durable enough for all dance shoes, both hard and soft. Surfaces can be taped or glued down and heat welded for a seamless no tape dance floor.

GlossTape - carpet tape

Fully transparent and high-shine tape for attaching glossy floor types.

ShowFloor - Stage Floor

ShowFloor is a highly reflective vinyl stage floor offering great value for money.

DanceCarpet Double Print - printed flooring

Printed flooring with a black backing for double sided use. Very detailed high resolution image.

DanceCarpet Double - dance floor

Double-sided carpet. Lightweight dance floor, ideal for touring.

DanceCarpet Duo - dance floor

Double-sided carpet. Lightweight dance floor, ideal for touring.

DanceCarpet Jumbo - dance floor

Double-sided, extra wide dance floor. Best applied on a pliable subfloor.

DanceCarpet Studio - dance floor

One-sided dance floor, ideal for dance studios. Very stable, high quality flooring.


DanceCarpet Cascade - dance floor

One-sided carpet. Very durable dance floor.


DanceCarpet Allegro - dance floor

Dance floor for permanent or semi-permanent installations. Shock-absorbing.

Fashion Floor - stage floor

Single-sided budget-friendly dance floor. Also usable for wall decoration. 


LaqueFloor - stage floor

A highshine stage floor! Single-sided and budget-friendly.

ShowCarpet HiShine - stage floor

Stage floor with a very shiny surface coating.


GlitterCarpet - stage floor

Dazzling, sparkling stage floor.


Carpet tape for attaching dancecarpet. Leaves almost no glue residue.


EasyRoller - Floor Storage

Easy mobile system for the storage, handling, and laying out of vinyl dance flooring without any