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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Challenge - GobelinTulle projection scrim
The Challenge - GobelinTulle projection scrim
The Challenge - GobelinTulle projection scrim

The Challenge

Mumbai, India
March 2019

A majestic show combining immersive fabric projections, great lighting, human interaction and special effects had the audience glued to its seats at the Aditya Birla Group Award ceremony.

Stunning 3D projections

The highly interactive show made use of a grey GobelinTulle scrim as fabric projection surface for all light effects on stage. The flame-retardant material even had the live dancer become part of a fictional world, as he passionately interacted with the 3D projections that surrounded him. A mind-boggling and truly immersive effect!

Why opt for a grey scrim?

When creating 3D effects using a fabric projection surface, a lighter-coloured scrim generally reflects more light, resulting in a higher-quality projection. A darker scrim, on the other hand, reflects less of the projected light but also less of the ambient light. This makes the screen perfectly invisible to your audience, which is essential for an immersive show.

A grey scrim combines the best of both worlds! The right lighting will make the screen disappear while delivering a high-quality image. Learn more on scrim projections in this recent blog post.


The Challenge was created in cooperation with Freckled Sky and the Kozar Dance Theatre for the multinational conglomerate Aditya Birla Group.

Video engineering and content production by Front Pictures.