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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Dubai Design District

Dubai, UAE
May 2015

Dubai Design District (D3) is the latest addition to Dubai’s cultural landscape. ShowTex fabrics and technics were omnipresent during the bustling launch event “Meet D3”, featuring fashion, art, design, music and food.

The event kicked off with a spectacular Kabuki drop made of a 10m wide x 10m high Universal 250 curtain, printed with the D3 logo.

The most impressive installation of the event was however the interactive ceiling called Dragon skin, consisting of 100 custom steel frames with a StretchTulle centre and BannerDrape borders. In the evening, the integrated ShowLED Hybrid LEDs lit up the entire panelled roof. The ShowLED controllers allowed all visitors to play with the lights and choose from over 100 colour changing variations!

Furthermore, ShowTex supplied WoolSerge Panne and Molton masking drapes for various installations, PolyStretch truss covers, a 5m high room completely covered in Universal 250 for front projections, laser-cut fabrics used for an art installation by Ebon Heath, and a 47m high x 16m wide StretchTulle polygon shape for Beacon.