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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Stage velvets complete theatre venue
Velours Delta brings elegance & versatility to U Venue
Velvets and wool for multi-purpose spaces at Amare
Acoustic wool and decorative velvets allow Amare to adapt to any setting
Acoustic drapes for M+ Museum
Sound-absorbing drapes on ChainTrack
Renovation of NTGent
Brand-new stage velvets set the mood
Kalthoumiyat / The Ruins
Draped StretchVelours adds the opera touch to the stage
Pop-up Globe
Printed fabrics make theatre pop
Un Bal Masqué
Baroque Velours Verdi theatre velvets
Auditorium Curtain KACWC
an impressive multi-layered theatre drape
GranRex Locarno
Velvet & Molton masking drapes for the perfect cinema experience!
A fully refurbished theatre drape kit!
De Roma Antwerp
unique acoustic solutions with respect for romanticism
The Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
featuring a portable custom-curved projection screen
Le Dernier Panache
Featuring tons of ShowTex material
Chiu Yang Por Yen Primary School
Only 4 weeks to change all theatre curtains and window coverings? Challenge accepted!
Poppodium 013
revamped with flexible and acoustic solutions by ShowTex
De Stoep Theatre
Featuring tailor-made Wagner main curtain by ShowTex
Plopsa Theatre
ShowLED star cloths, theatre curtains & rail systems
t Speelhuis Theatre
all curtains and tracks supplied by ShowTex
Marina Bay Sands
Permanently Flame retardant masking drapes and event curtains
Y Ffwrnes theatre
Ecological Ultrablack stage drapes
Flanders Opera Antwerp
Traditional main house curtains, borders, legs and backdrops by ShowTex
Queen Ethelburga's
Velvet stage drapes for private school
Saint Catherine's
safety first at school with stage velvets and blackout drapes
Ashcroft Theatre
Wool Serge Panne theatre curtains
De Kom
stage drapes and tracks for the two theatre halls
Hålogaland Teater
Carmine red Wagner curtain and giant mirror
Opéra Royal de Wallonie
IFR main curtain velvets and masking drapes
Emirates Palace Theatre
Amazing theatre fabrics and giant projection screen
Theatre De Kolk
Qualitative theatre curtains and innovative suspension systems
Concert venue refit
Over 300 running meters of velvet theatre curtains
Kilden PAC
all drapes, tracks & screens by showtex
DeLaMar Theatre
all stage draperies and tracks by showtex
Bolshoi Theatre
decorative fabrics for Flemish-Moroccan interior
Amphion Theatre
featuring stage curtains and custom made tracks
De Singel
Stage curtains and acoustic draperies by ShowTex
Teatro Real
A new ChainTrack and motion control system
Renovation Ahoy
expanding with acoustic drapes by showtex
Nokia Concert Hall
ShowTex stage drapes and curtain tracks
Music Quarter Enschede
a front curtain masterpiece
Flanders Opera Ghent
Traditional opera house curtains, backdrops, borders and legs
State Kremlin Palace
two stage curtains in Paris velvet
De Roma
main house curtain in theater red Bellini velvet and Molton blackout curtain
Puy Du Fou
the largest house curtain in the world



Theatre red Velours Delta dresses up U Venue Theatre

Stage velvets complete theatre venue

Countless meters of extra-wide stage velvet define the luscious look of Qatari theatre.

Custom-dyed Velours Zeus CS by ShowTex front curtain

Velvets and wool for multi-purpose spaces at Amare

Versatile textiles, tracks and vinyl flooring for culture and conference centre Amare. 

Acoustic multi-layered curtain set-up for the M+ Museum

Acoustic drapes for M+ Museum

Multi-layered acoustic curtain on ChainTrack determines the look, feel and sound of the M+ Museum.

Renovation of NTGent

A full theatre fitting is more than just the grand drape and masking curtains.

Kalthoumiyat / The Ruins

Draped StretchVelours brings a classical, operatic feel to a modern performance. 

Pop-up Globe

Full-scale print fabrics make the replica of the Second Globe pop up in Australia.

Un Bal Masqué

No better place for over 750 running metres of royal Velours Verdi than in this baroque Verdi drama!

Auditorium Curtain KACWC - multi layered theatre curtain

Auditorium Curtain KACWC

A unique front-of-house theatre curtain by ShowTex that complements the auditorium.

GranRex Locarno

Restoring a historic movie theatre to its former glory? Not without flame-retardant fabrics from ShowTex!

Y-Theatre - velvet curtain


Custom-dyed stage velvets by ShowTex perfectly match the colour of the venue’s chairs.

De Roma Antwerp

A brand-new PA system and custom acoustic solutions for this one-of-a-kind Belgian concert hall.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

The Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

FP SuperMat by ShowTex turned out to be the ideal projection screen for the Esplanade concert hall in Singapore.