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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Take That

Birmingham, United Kingdom
July 2017

ShowTex supplied no less than 38 giant FP XL Mesh projection screens for the highly anticipated Take That “Wonderland” tour. The lively and colourful carnivalesque show represented the vision of the band’s creative director Kim Gavin and was produced by Chris Vaughan. WIcreations supplied all staging, elevators and automation elements and commissioned ShowTex to create all projection surfaces for this extremely complex and ambitious show.

The show kicked off with a bang when vivid visuals on 16 modular FP XL Mesh projection screens surrounded the giant circular stage in the middle of the Genting Arena. With their high-resolution quality, these 12 m high by 3.4 m wide mesh screens turned out to be the ideal material for the tour.

Above the band, another layer of 14 FP XL Mesh screens was mounted in the shape of the TT logo. Both of these projection screens as well as the ones on the outside of the stage were controlled by an operator using a Vector control system, enabling different set-ups during the show by flying them in and out independently. The back of these 30 screens was printed black, ensuring the projections to be visible on one side of the material only.

But it didn’t stop there! A large moving platform emerged from the centre of the stage surrounded by 10 passive FP XL Mesh projection screens of 5 m high.

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Project credits

Chris Vaughan
Kim Gavin