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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Expo 2017 opening ceremony

Astana, Kazakhstan
August 2017

Under the theme of Future Energy, the Astana Expo 2017 opened with a bang! During a spectacular ceremony, the audience was treated to dazzling fireworks and a cutting-edge multimedia show featuring LED screens, 3D projection mapping and remote-controlled drones.

Ruggieri Amazing Events commissioned ShowTex to transform the iconic Nur Alem pavilion, the world's largest spherical building, into a giant circular projection surface that was reflective, yet transparent to prevent the projection from interfering with the LEDs integrated in the 100 m high building.

ShowTex covered the sphere with a diameter of 80 m in 12.000 sqm of grey StretchTulle fabric. Over 100 individual panels were in-house engineered, designed and produced to guarantee top quality and a perfect fit on-site.

StretchTulle is an elastic mesh fabric that can stretch up to 33% of its size, allowing you to make the most incredible organic forms while maintaining excellent reflective qualities for front projection.

The multimedia show of the opening ceremony was created by Andree Verleger, who wanted to submerge the audience into the history of energy.

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Ruggieri Amazing Events