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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Mini World Futsal

September 2013

The Kuwait Mini World Futsal Indoor Club Tournament 2013 kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony, featuring classic ShowTex sharkstooth scrim.

The impressive show expressed the civilization and history of the 18 participating countries as well as the heritage of Kuwait. The projected images on the stadium floor (40x20m) blended smoothly with the ones on the sharkstooth scrim (40x10m), creating a stunning 3D effect on stage.

The large-scale projections and the ShowTex scrim allowed for a 360 degrees viewing angle, so the audience could enjoy this unique multi-media and artistic crossover performance from anywhere in the stadium.

Futsal is approved by FIFA and the first event of its kind to be hosted in Kuwait. The game is similar to football but played in special halls.