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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Dance! Dance! Dance!

October 2014

"Dance! Dance! Dance!"- the original film concert by the Belgian band Arsenal - is projected on Cyclo 75 from ShowTex while the band fires off exhilarating live soundtracks at the crowd from behind the screen.

Illuminating the band members in between the images results in an intriguing shadow play of silhouettes and traditional Japanese deer antlers with the Tokyo skyline in the background.

The backdrop of the ultramodern Tokyo behind the band is in turn an ingenious combination of laser-cut and printed canvas by ShowTex. The buildings were first printed on Artist Canvas Print and then cut out in exact detail using laser technology.

The Japanese capital only really comes to life when lighting effects are applied behind the backdrop. The result is an interactive road trip within a multi-layered and three-dimensional scenery accompanied by dynamic video-like images!

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