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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Projections on transparent scrim stirr the audiences curiosity at this car show
Venetia roll-up systems unveil car at motor show

Stylish car launch using roll-up systems

Chengdu, China
December 2022

Using semi-transparent projection mesh and roll-up systems, Genesis launched its latest car model by testing the audiences curiosity from start to unveil.

Projection scrims raise the tension

At Western China International Expo City, a mesh fabric structure catches the eyes of many passers-by. A vague view of a car shimmers through the translucent scrim, leaving the audience longing for more. Teasing projection mapping on all sides of the box builds up tension. This promises to be a striking product reveal.

Blackout fabrics in all the right places

The best possible projection effect is achieved by blocking all redundant lights, so the rays of immersive projections are the only ones calling for attention. Black masking fabrics attached to the ceiling hide both unwanted cabling and ambient light. This is multi-tasking on a whole new level!

HiSpeed RollUp stuns the audience

Finally, the moment of the grand reveal. What else than a HiSpeed RollUp to create this breathtaking effect. The Venetia Truss Roller and HiSpeed Motor 8000 are DMX-controllable, superfast and still elegant in pull-up motion. The perfect reveal team!

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How to stun your audience at your next car show? Opt for roll-up and reveal systems.

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