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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

European Games 2015

Baku, Azerbaijan
July 2015

For the closing ceremony of the first European Olympic Games ShowTex was commissioned to create and install a huge custom-made laser-cut stage curtain for the Baku Ateshgah or "Fire Temple", a castle-like religious temple in Surakhani, a suburb of greater Baku, Azerbaijan.

The “Fire Temple” created by WIcreations was an impressive eight meter high structure hidden in a stage floor with video and flames on top of it, decorated all around with ultra-detailed laser-cut fabrics in Molton CS and Bannerdrape Print by ShowTex.

The temple was hidden during the beginning of the ceremony and raising it was definitely a challenging job. Especially with a 2.600 kg video “roof” covering the structure. Four winches, one on each corner, were used to lift the heavy construction. From an “in” height of only 1 m, the winches extended smoothly up to 8 m while gradually unfolding the large-scale and visually seamless laser-cut fabrics.

Project credits