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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Shenzhen, China
Volkswagen Car Launch
Stunning car-reveal with mirrors and roll-ups
Abu Dhabi, UAE
49th UAE National Day
High-quality projection on a giant cube
Melbourne, Australia
Crystal-clear glass foil collapses
Barcelona, Spain
Archaeology Museum of Catalonia
Cyclorama ceiling renovation
Brussels, Belgium
Silversquare Bailli
Acoustic print fabrics improve productivity

Flame-retardant fabrics, innovative tracks and motion systems for theatre, event & interior professionals worldwide.

Room dividers & partition systems? Click here!

Example of flame retardant textile

An extensive range of stage and event fabrics tested according to internationally accepted standards.

Example of a projection screen

The world's largest front, rear and twin projection screens, welded to measure in our in-house workshop.

Custom prints example

Custom designs on fabric create totally personalized concepts at events, venues, and stage performances.

Motion control hardware

The latest technology in motion control, tracks for every weight of drape, stage accessories and reveal systems.

ShowTex service personnel

Our branches around the world offer a wide range of skills to assist you at every stage of your project.