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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Le Timbre d’Argent - Satinac
Paris, France
Le Timbre d’Argent
Masterpiece rediscovered featuring Satinac by ShowTex
Don Giovanni - GiantMirror
Bern, Switzerland
Don Giovanni
GiantMirror Foil at its best
GobelinTulle - Helene Fischer
Tour, Germany
Helene Fischer on tour
Tube-shaped GobelinTulle projection surface floating on air
Multimedia performance “8”
A unique audio-visual experience featuring PepperScrim
Docks Dome - majestic velvet curtains
Brussels, Belgium
Docks Dome
majestic velvet curtains for a brand-new event space

Innovative products and services for theatre and event professionals around the world.

An extensive range of stage and event a fabrics, tested according to international accepted standards.

The world's largest front, rear and twin projection screens, welded to measure in our in-house workshop.

Custom designs on fabric create totally personalized concepts at events, venues, and stage performances.

The latest technology in motion control, tracks for every weight of drape, stage accessories and reveal systems.

Our branches around the world offer a wide range of skills to assist you at every stage of your project.