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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Texas Aggies Go To War

Bastogne, France
June 2014

The spectacular and festive commemoration "Texas Aggies Go To War" took place at the world famous Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne to mark Memorial Day and the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge or the Ardennes Offensive. ShowTex covered 12 panels 10 metres in height with white StretchTulle and placed them between the Monument's various openings transforming the building into a giant three-dimensional projection surface.

The total spectacle was retold in the form of nine thematic and historical scenes about a number of key moments in the lives of five Texan university students or Aggies during the Second World War and the Ardennes Offensive. The event was realised through a collaboration between the Bastogne War Museum with Tempora and Luc Petit CREATION.

ShowTex StretchTulle is a very elastic material, easy to install and ideal for holographic projections and video mapping. StretchTulle is also highly suited as acoustic scrim front on speakers.


Project credits

Bastogne War Museum / Tempora / Luc Petit CREATION