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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Projecting on sheer fabric
Projecting on sheer fabric
Projecting on sheer fabric

New Suns Expo

Maastricht, Netherlands
July 2018

The American filmmaker and video artist Kahlil Joseph is widely known for his work with, amongst others, Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar. To kick-start his first solo exhibition ‘New Suns’ in Europe, the artist chose ShowTex frames and flame-retardant fabrics to design a stunning, three-dimensional projection setup.

Unique effect with see-through projection fabric

Black Voile CS stretched between two aluminium triangles out of Print Frame Double, made up the remarkable centrepiece of the Wildcat artwork. The see-through projection fabric, combined with black and white video, set a dark and looming atmosphere creating a visual head-turner. By using a three-channel video, every screen featured its own footage, while still allowing the other screens to show through too.

Aluminium frames keep everything in place

The inherently flame retardant fabric, attached to the top frame, was carefully kept in place by the bottom triangle, weighing down all three sheers. The assembly of the artwork was, however, simplified even more by connecting the corners of the two frames with vertical steel wires.

So many creative possibilities to be discovered for displaying your projected content!

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