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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

FeatherSilk - floating fabric
FeatherSilk - floating fabric
FeatherSilk - floating fabric
Mirror balls
Printed backdrop
Printed backdrop
Printed backdrop

Morning Mist Wedding

Dubai, UAE
March 2018

Light and reflection do the trick

An eclectic art installation of floating balloons, mimicking the illusion of zero gravity, welcomed the guests when they entered the festive venue. The bold effect was emphasized even more by an impressive 22 by 5 metre GiantMirror, reflecting the scene and doubling the total amount of floating spheres.

Above the giant baubles, a ceiling construction of 40 circular light boxes, each with a diameter of 120 cm, ensured the perfect lighting for this illusory installation. The custom-made frames were all covered with RP Fusion screens and illuminated by a bright ShowLED backlighting solution. By integrating the circular lights into a room-filling black box of Molton CS drapes, the artwork totally stood out!

Fabric floating in the air

But the true showstoppers of this event were without a doubt the 300 metres of ultra-light FeatherSilk drapes that beautifully floated in the air.

Using controlled wind generated by fans, the extremely lightweight sheer fabric elegantly floated in synchronized movements over the heads of all dining guests. The airy silk created a mesmerizing effect and had everyone moonstruck from the moment they walked in.

Weighing only 5 g/m², FeatherSilk is the lightest fabric available and therefore able to generate by far the most stylish floating effects around!

Printed decoration as the finishing touch

To dress the stage and the side of the venue, over 2600 square metres of Universal 250 BB backdrops were colourfully printed with purple artwork, highlighting the dreamy theme of the evening. The printed blackout fabric features a high-quality print result and a black backing to prevent anything from shining through.

Even the 60 tablecloths were not overlooked! Custom printed on Cyclo 80 CS Print fabric, the subtle pattern on the large table covers perfectly matched the rest of the spectacular visual concept.

To top it all off, the white catwalk leading the bride to the venue was also supplied by ShowTex Middle East. DanceCarpet Double flooring can be used both ways and is surprisingly easy to handle thanks to its light weight and suppleness.

Without a doubt, they lived happily ever after.

Project credits

Designlab Experience