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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

ShowTex Services

An extensive range of skills & expert advice

ShowTex has both the technology and the experience to provide clients with a variety of solutions to meet most of the challenges in set building, stage and stand design.





Our expansive sewing workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and specialized equipment for any type of fabric or application.

Each team of experienced sewing experts has the capabilities to meet any design challenge: from made-to-measure curtains incorporating traditional finishing techniques, basic black box drapes, giant cycloramas to bespoke scenic creations. Mobile sewing machines and seamstresses are available by request for other sewing services like repairs, alterations, and restoration of curtains and backdrops.

Working with theatre and event professionals for as long as we have has led to an impressive set of in-house inventions. We designed the user-friendly EasyDrape for out of the box construction of fabric walls and arches, the innovative Kabuki drop system, the fastest roll up system available in the industry: HiSpeed RollUp and the spectacular HiSpeed Reveal for the most striking sniffer effect around. These are but a few of a wide variety of products we invented and perfected over time. All over the world, our studios are fully equipped for laser cutting, printing, welding, curving tracks, integrating ShowLED components, and more. The power of combining all of these in-house processes makes us unique in the world!

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Wherever the job, however big or small, we have the right team to get it done. Our event crew can assist on site or follow up a project from start to finish. From complex curtain track installations, custom programming of motion systems, fixed or temporary curtain suspension and tensioning, to building up totally unique concepts and creations, our crew are ready to assist and guarantee amazing results. We meet every challenge with creative and reliable solutions and always get the job done on time.

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40 years in the business as suppliers and manufacturers with a range of in-house developed products make ShowTex a valuable partner for your next project or production. Our standard collection of flame retardant fabrics, curtain tracks, and motion systems are just a fraction of the products we offer.

Our research and development team can assist in sourcing, custom weaving, and large or small-scale production to meet your specific needs. Our on-going dialogue with light and set designers helps us to continuously improve our products. Especially in the design stage of a production, our creative input has proven to be of significant added value in countless shows and events around the world. Interactions of this kind often serve as a catalyst that allows us to invent cutting-edge products like our patented seamless TrusSleeve® truss-cover and the extra-wide PepperScrim for large scale 3D hologram effects.

Purpose built venues, historical theatre renovations, eye catching trade show stands, dynamic television studios all need a personalized approach to soft furnishings and rigging. ShowTex provides you with the right advice from the concept phase to the end result, so your project will be successful from start to finish.

We offer event management and a variety of design support options from custom digital artwork for large-scale backdrops and curtain installations to stage venue and rigging configurations. Our design team works with the latest versions of Adobe Creative Suite, Acrobat, Vectorworks, Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc.... and is gladly at your disposal to help and advice during the design phase of your project. We adapt, enhance, and incorporate your concept into almost any fabric creation.

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Electrical and hardware technicians in our workshops carry out customization, testing, and maintenance of tracks, track motors, drop and roll up systems. ShowTex can provide precision bending of track systems, pipes, and 3D compound curves in steel, aluminum, or other metals, according to the requirements of the job.


Thousands of square meters of warehouse space worldwide, a well trained logistics team and local workshops, each equipped with their own stock. Since we produce or co-produce all fabrics ourselves for ShowTex sales offices around the world, almost all items are constantly in stock. Global inventory is digitally scanned to track each order from warehouse, to sewing workshop, to delivery and installation.

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Our wide selection of purpose designed screen surfaces for front, rear and twin projection makes it easy to find the most appropriate projection surface that delivers optimum viewing for any given application. Our screens have a remarkably even light distribution over a wide viewing area and are available in XL, mesh, perforated, super matte, and blackout finishes.

ShowTex produces the world’s largest projection screens! Since all ShowTex screens are custom welded with high quality screen surfaces, even the biggest screens appear virtually seamless. An in-house screen welding workshop produces screens measuring upwards of 500sqm with super strong seams of less than 1mm that are nearly invisible.

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ShowTex has an expert in-house team specialized in digital fabric printing to turn your artwork or photograph into high quality flexible decoration. We offer an extensive choice of extra large printed fabrics for trade show banners, flexible billboards, tensioned drapes or totally personalized concepts.

We print high resolution backdrops, indoor and outdoor signage, stretch fabric, theatrical scrim, vinyl dance floor, largescale photos, trade show graphics, and screens in a variety of weights, materials, and transparencies. Ask us for our factsheet with print guidelines to help you prepare your artwork. Combine with our made to measure frame profiles up to almost any size to create expo stand elements or furniture and sleek high quality 3D structures like print cubes and curved frames for chandeliers, curved walls or bespoke designs. Additionally we can also provide light and motion integration.

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ShowTex provides the latest in precision laser cutting technology. We reproduce your artwork, CAD, and vector designs with mirror image accuracy. Capable of multiple pieces with precise cuts and patterns time after time.

Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-powered laser, computer controlled, at the material to be cut. The material then either melts, burns, vaporizes away, or is blown away by a jet of gas, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. This production form is becoming more and more popular during the manufacturing process of bespoke stage curtains and event furnishings. It’s an extremely accurate cutting method that allows for fine cut detail and a clean edge without fraying.

Our machines have the ability to register the ends of the material being cut to be able to cut fabric of virtually infinite length with a seamless width of up to 5m wide. The method also ensures the maximum utilization of material with minimal waste.
Choose laser cut fabric for personalized backdrops, foliage curtains, repeat patterns, and custom design cut outs in almost any flame retardant fabric. Apply laser cut blackout materials onto rear projection screens to create amazing backdrops!

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Add ShowLED Classic, Chameleon, Animation, and Waterproof outdoor components to any fabric, set design, or venue decoration. ShowTex offers custom LED integration services of ShowLED components available for every imaginable fabric surface and application. When diffused with semi-transparent fabrics, the twinkling stars take on a subtle glow for a variety of soft lighting effects or to create smoother images.

Our waterproof LED’s are highly suitable for permanent outdoor applications on buildings and structures. Added to indoor and outdoor textiles, combined with digital prints and painted backdrops, or integrated into set design pieces: LED fabrics offer endless possibilities.

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