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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Nutcracker by Plushenko

Moscow & Saint-Petersburg, Russia
February 2017

Figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko presented a unique ice show set on a frozen theatre stage surrounded by ShowTex projection screens and high-speed roll-up systems.

Along three sides of the ice rink, 32 banners made of translucent FP XL Mesh were mounted on 3 m wide Truss Rollers. Driven by 10 HiSpeed 8000 motors, the 15 m high banners were raised and lowered during the show adding even more dynamics to the already outstanding choreography. The various rollers could move independently and generated endless staging possibilities.

The impressive light effects on the mesh screens ensured the audience could mostly see right through them, but was occasionally left guessing when the lights dimmed on stage and only the projections were visible. A great way to keep spectators entertained during scene shifts and costume changes.

On top of that, the back of the PVC mesh was printed black, preventing the projected content from being visible in the performance area.

A unique show by the best ice acrobats, enhanced by magical video projections on see-through PVC screens in motion!