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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Beyond Bruegel - projection screens - RP Off White
Beyond Bruegel - projection screens - RP Off White
Beyond Bruegel - projection screens - RP Off White

Beyond Bruegel

Brussels, Belgium
January 2020

Step into the art of Pieter Bruegel where the paintings come to life through projections. Looking at traditional art in a contemporary way!

Projected paintings come to life

What if you could be a character in a famous Pieter Bruegel painting and stand next to Mad Meg’s army or sail on a ship at the foot of the Tower of Babel? You can! Projections on RP Off White screens make the magic happen during this festive exhibition. Walk through room-sized projected paintings and dive into this amazing art experience. A combination of ultra-sharp video mapping and animated paintings will change ‘experiencing art’ forever!

Masking and finishing with black fabrics

To mask the spaces between the projection screen paintings, black finishing is key. That's where Velours Delta steps to the stage! The extra-wide synthetic and wrinkle-resistant stage velvet is mounted on an H100 track and serves as a draught curtain between the different rooms. The perfect way to create a true museum feeling while admiring these magnificent artworks.

To complete the experience, even the ceiling of the venue was carefully masked with black panels of flame-retardant Cyclo 200.

Create a next level projection surface

Let's take it even one step further and create an all-round immersive feeling! Blackout 270, designed in unique shapes and mounted in print frames, accepted this challenge. Did you know this blackout material is a perfect projection surface? Maybe not your top of mind projection fabric, but knowing it blocks out the light completely, it definitively should be!

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