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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The ShowTex Story

What can we invent for you today?

The ShowTex story began in 1983 with two adventurous young men pursuing excellence in stagecraft and light design. Their drive to develop and improve flame retardant soft goods and motion systems for the entertainment industry has turned into a worldwide organization providing a wide variety of services and high quality custom solutions.


We dream of the world as a stage where anything is possible with fabrics and we want to be the ones to make that happen. When our customers ask a question we want ShowTex to be the answer. We know that research and development alone won't accomplish this.
We also know that success is a state of mind. That's why we'll continue to take on each new project with passion and enthusiasm. This is the only path to creating products that provide a real improvement to our customers. That way, they can focus on making their dreams come true.


ShowTex is a worldwide leader in inventing, manufacturing, selling, and installing the most innovative flame retardant curtain fabrics, tracks, and motion control systems for achieving the creative vision of event and entertainment professionals.


All our full-scale sales, warehouse, and manufacturing offices in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa & Australia, are equipped with an experienced team of experts. In-house devoted engineers share their expertise with our weavers, finishers, light designers & colour consultants from all over the world, to develop innovative products that set new industry standards. ShowTex employs more than 300 full-time specialists worldwide (and counting), offering customers an extensive range of skills and professional advice to assist them at every stage of their project.


At the ShowTex sewing workshops, custom curtains and fabric decorations are manufactured with high-quality finishing and short lead times. In recent years, ShowTex confection specialists have perfected the art of producing giant glassless mirrors and projection screens with nearly invisible joints. An experienced installation team ensures that the curtains, tracks, and motion systems are ready when it’s time for the show to begin.

ShowTex has a complete selection of stage track systems and commercial drapery hardware. Curtain tracks and motion systems can be operated manually, motorized, or controlled by DMX. All track systems can be curved in-house to a custom or standard radius, to accommodate the most challenging designs, whether temporary or fixed installations. Along with stage design basics, ShowTex supplies an ever-growing range of made-to-rent products to offer even more flexibility.


The latest chapter in ShowTex’s path to innovation is a passion backed by a practical plan to better protect the environment. The company is once again breaking new ground, from incorporating accepted best practices into daily operations to environmentally friendly products and investigating recycling methods that will benefit theatres and planet earth.

ShowTex offers a variety of green products, including sustainable theatre curtains, stage cloths for performing arts, festival backdrops, and budget-friendly exhibition fabrics for green meetings, events, and trade shows. In this landscape, we recently launched our own “ECO by ShowTex” label in order to inform our clients about our extensive range of eco-friendly products. We attach the “ECO by ShowTex” label to all ShowTex products that incorporate methods to reduce and recycle waste or lower the overall use of harmful chemicals. Check out our complete green product range.