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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Performing Arts

Woollen acoustic curtains and sheer stage props
ZODIAC the Musical
Acoustic wool and sheer stage props
Decorative ceiling cloths for theme park performance
Puy Du Fou – A Pluma y Espada
Fabric ceiling covers & prints
Projection on a versatile string curtain backdrop
Light effects and projection on a string-curtain backdrop
Colourfully backlit stage fabric
Beethoven – Immortal Love
Magical translucent stage fabric
Third Practice - Tero Saarinen Dance Company
Third Practice
Dreamy FeatherSilk dancing through the air
Crystal-clear glass foil collapses
Impressive 3D effects with front & rear projection surfaces
Sound of Dunhuang
Crystal-clear projections on gauze create beautiful 3D effects
The Barber of Seville
Opera buffa with stunning LurexVoile backdrop
Goodbye Norma Jeane
Elegant Voile CS for Marilyn Monroe
Annie, the musical - BackdropSoft - UV Printing - photo - Roy Beusker en Annemieke van der togt
Annie, the musical
Colourful printed backdrops splashing from the stage
Kalthoumiyat / The Ruins
Draped StretchVelours adds the opera touch to the stage
Merlin and Arthur - projection
Merlin e Arthur
Tulle Aymond Mini creates magic on stage
DekoTaft event fabric
Traditional drape with a modern twist
GiantMirror installation - performance with mirrors
A mystical effect with transparent GiantMirror foil
Losing her voice - projection on spaghetti string curtain
Losing her voice
Projection on white string curtains
BERG - printed fabrics
BERG - Raumteid
Printed backdrop creates mountain vibe on stage
printed theatre borders and legs
Black and White
Merging cinema with performing arts
The Human Dance - cyclorama
The Human Dance
Translucent Cyclo 75 walls as your guide
The Rite of Spring - giant mirror
The Rite of Spring
When art and technology meet GiantMirror
Giudizio Universale - StretchTulle projection
Giudizio Universale
A multi-sensory show featuring a 270° projection surface
Zuni Icosahedron - mirror foil
Tech lab by Zuni Icosahedron
4-sided GiantMirror setup creates infinite reflective theatre
The Little Mermaid Ballet - AluShape Cretonne
The Little Mermaid Ballet
Earth and sea portrayed by AluShape and GiantMirror
Voile projection surface
Striking projections on transparent voile
The Little Mermaid - Masking drapes
The Little Mermaid Musical
Masking drapes transform event hall in temporary theatre!
Le Timbre d’Argent - Satinac
Le Timbre d’Argent
Masterpiece rediscovered featuring Satinac by ShowTex
Don Giovanni - GiantMirror
Don Giovanni
GiantMirror Foil at its best
Multimedia performance “8”
A unique audio-visual experience featuring PepperScrim
La Perle by Dragone
inherently flame-retardant fabrics in motion
Maxi projections on Tulle Aymond Mini
Jonathan Roxmouth Satinac festoon curtain
Jonathan Roxmouth
Satinac backdrop reflecting the stage lights beautifully
Ludwig II • projections on GiantMirror
Ludwig II
an eye-catching mobile GiantMirror in contemporary play
The Nutcracker by Plushenko
video projections onto roll-up PVC screens by ShowTex
Hologram effects by Sila Sveta on ShowTex Pepperscrim
Dynamic Huangshan
amazing special effects on stage with ShowTex projectionscreens
La Bohème
La Bohème
printed sheets of Droppaper as wallpaper
Midsummer Night’s Dream
A set filled with lightweight string curtains by ShowTex
Minimalistic set with mesh fabrics by ShowTex for Swan Lake
Swan Lake
ShowTex fabrics in a minimalistic set design by John Otto
AluShape molding cloth
Lachaert & d’hanis’ first stage design for TPRDC featuring AluShape
MOTN Opening Ceremony
A stage full of ShowTex fabrics and tracks
The Mediocre Man - foil
The Mediocre Man
different strips of ClearScreen Frost as multifunctional backdrop
Opera Trøndelag
An enormous Danish flag in DekoTaft by ShowTex
A dynamic set design made of 9 FP XL Mesh projection screens by ShowTex
Empire Noir
Impressive set design featuring StretchTulle & Molton by ShowTex
Saiyah #2 by Yoko Seyama
kinetic light sculpture featuring ShowTex GiantMirror
Blood Brothers
Highly detailed laser-cut backdrops
As Big As The Sky
An impressive dome in StretchTulle for Ai Weiwei
La Cenerentola
set pieces mounted in a solid & durable ShowTrack
The Seagull
catching every detail from a different perspective
Mille Plateaux
Stunning multi-layered art installation
The Pearl Fisher features a circular projection screen by ShowTex
The Pearl Fishers
impressive play with light during opera performance
Encore Mount Wutai
holographic stage effects and projection mapping
Just Do It
glamorous show with Satinac Crunch and Molton
5th DIPC
Opening ceremony filled with projection surfaces
August Osage County
The right atmosphere on stage with AluShape
The Hong Kong Ballet
Elegant string curtains instead of traditional black stage legs
Elegant choreography with ShowTex fabrics
GiantMirror takes center stage
14-18 Musical
hundreds of meters flame retardant stage textiles
Clusters of Light
A stage completely filled with ShowTex fabrics and frames
Giulio Cesare in Egitto
luxurious decorated set
La scala di seta
high visual impact due to a tilted mirror
Later is over now
intriguing glow in the dark effects
Gold Rush - HKAPA
amazing stage effects featuring lighting and video projections
Myth of Fox
a one-of-a-kind production featuring a 6m diameter circular GiantMirror by ShowTex
Princess of Trebizonde
curved track as a part of the set
Dragone chooses projection screen by ShowTex
Story of a Fort...
a variety of ShowTex stage fabrics in a visual extravaganza
A scrim and cyclorama by ShowTex on the set of the Nutcracker
The Nutcracker
Stage scenery and tracks
Sunset Logic ft a golden crunch glitter fabric curtain by ShowTex
Sunset Logic
dancing beneath a golden sun
The Little Prince ft a mirror foil by ShowTex
The Little Prince
actions speak louder than words
Replicating water onstage with mirror foil by ShowTex
Teatro Alla Scala ft an impressive mirror foil on wheels
Teatro Alla Scala
giantmirror on wheels
DESH ft a giant hand-painted scrim backdrop by ShowTex
DESH by Akram Khan
impressive handpainted backdrop and custom printed floor


Performing Arts

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Colourfully lit cylinders made out of white Spaghetti Budget accommodated some of the great dancers.

Minimalistic set with mesh fabrics by ShowTex for Swan Lake

Swan Lake

John Otto strikes again with a monochrome setting for a minimalistic interpretation of Swan Lake, performed by the Scottish Ballet.

AluShape molding cloth


Belgian visual artists Sofie Lachaert and Luc d’Hanis created a theatrical landscape featuring AluShape Cretonne by ShowTex.

MOTN Opening Ceremony

Impressive show filled with flame-retardant ShowTex fabrics and rail systems to honour all mothers.

The Mediocre Man - foil

The Mediocre Man

Strips of grey ShowTex ClearScreen Frost created an almost transparent scenery.

Opera Trøndelag

An enormous Danish flag in DekoTaft by ShowTex.


Frank Sinatra lives (again) in a spectacular show featuring a dynamic set.

Empire Noir

Impressive set design featuring StretchTulle & Molton by ShowTex

Saiyah #2 by Yoko Seyama

“Saiyah - Light and Color composition #2” is a kinetic light sculpture, featuring a GiantMirror by ShowTex. 

Blood Brothers

Highly detailed laser-cut backdrops showing 3D city landscapes in black Molton CS and black LaserVoile.

As Big As The Sky

Inventive stage design and film projections by China’s most famous contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei.

La Cenerentola

An enchanting Cenerentola featuring scenic elements mounted in a solid and durable ShowTrack rail system.