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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Encore Mount Wutai

Xinzhou, Shanxi, China
February 2015

A great wealth of ShowTex fabrics starred in the Buddhist drama “Encore Mount Wutai”, staged in a custom-built theatre on the Chinese sacred Mount Wutai. The giant venue featured a revolving auditorium surrounded by 5 stages, allowing the audience to see several scenes at the same time.

26 motorised pillars made of Blackout 270 came down from the sky onto the stage like a hurricane touching the ground. A V-shaped StretchTulle gauze for the projection of holographic stage effects was stretched out in front of these pillars and the performers. The combination of these holograms with the projection mapping on the 11m high pillars left the audience utterly speechless!

Another part of the huge stage set-up featured a giant ShowTex GobelinTulle of 36m wide, painted in black fading to white, and some more StretchTule panels used for projection. Director Wang Chaoge created all these impressive stage effects to give the audience a refreshing interpretation of Buddhism and all its rituals.

Project credits

Wang Chaoge