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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Melbourne, Australia
December 2020

The Australian Ballet proves you can define your performance with only one set piece and very pure light effects. The choreography features ballet dancers in front of a gigantic crystal-clear screen, which immediately captures the attention of every spectator.

See-through foil as a mirror to society

For this hypnotic piece, choreographer Alice Topp traded sugar plum fairies for an exploration on dealing with modern demons. By stripping down the set design to a gigantic glass foil screen tensioned in an XL-frame, the dance performance truly made a statement.

Scene after scene, you can feel the tension build up, as well-positioned lights beautifully reflect on the transparent foil. Together with the pure light design, smoke builds up behind the screen until it finally collapses. Watching the gigantic glass foil set-up fall down on stage in total silence is mind-blowing!

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Project credits

Alice Topp
The Australian Ballet
Jon Buswell (The Australian Ballet)