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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Colourfully backlit stage fabric
Colourfully backlit stage fabric
Colourfully backlit stage fabric

Backlit backdrop for Beethoven – Immortal Love

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
April 2021

With just one extra-large translucent drape and a few colourful backlights, scenographer Yoko Seyama knew exactly how to design the perfect set for this musical ballet performance.

An enormous translucent fabric, backlit by numerous yellow spotlights, captures everyone's attention while Beethoven's famous 9th symphony is resonating. The stunning light spread of the fire-rated fabric submerges the full stage in a wondrous golden glow.

Stunning effects with backlit stage fabric

At the end of the play, a dancer enters the stage while pulling the curtain along. It makes the gigantic lightweight backdrop whirl down elegantly. In one grand gesture, two other performers haul the see-through fabric over the dancer to make her vanish in a floating ocean of yellow light. What a dramatic effect!

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Project credits

Astana Opera
Yoko Seyama