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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Little Mermaid - Masking drapes
The Little Mermaid - Masking drapes
The Little Mermaid - Masking drapes
The Little Mermaid - Masking drapes
The Little Mermaid - Masking drapes
The Little Mermaid - Satinac drapes

The Little Mermaid Musical

Ghent, Belgium
February 2018

Disney's "The Little Mermaid" promises to be one of the technically most impressive musicals of the year. Using high-quality sound, motion and video content, together with a massive amount of flame-retardant fabrics by ShowTex, the huge Flanders Expo hall was temporarily transformed into a professional musical venue.

Next level venue masking

Turning an empty arena into a fully-fledged theatre space can be quite the challenge, but trucks full of black masking drapes and rental hardware by ShowTex did the trick!

All around the stage, flame-retardant masking drapes created a complete theatre black box, making sure the spectacle really stood out. Stripped of all distractions, the venue instantly took its spectators to the magical underwater world of Ariël.

Also, high in the technical ceiling, the Molton drapes did what they do best: being invisible to the audience while hiding all stage technics and defining the whole space. The extra-wide cotton fabric did not only provide a clean finish on and off stage, it also blocked all spill lights and even enhanced the acoustics of the venue!

Temporary partition walls

Apart from the theatre, the whole venue was divided into different sections using black Molton drapes attached to either trusses or EasyDrape pipe & drape systems. These rental solutions made sure the temporary theatre was not only equipped with state-of-the-art fabrics onstage but also fully furnished with a stylish entrance, a lobby, a cloakroom and various backstage areas. An efficient combination of made-to-measure drapes and rental products. 

Custom grandstand finishing

Even more running metres of black Molton were used to neatly finish the sides of the imposing seating area. The flame-retardant cotton drapes were fully tailored to the size of the stand and demonstrated how big surface masking can be done in a clean and sleek way.  

Stage borders done right

Measuring 1.500 m2, the giant musical stage was one of the biggest Belgium had ever seen. The enormous rental stock of ShowTex therefore made sure the theatre was equipped with 600 running metres of black borders in no time. The new ShowTex Rollmolton also came in handy as a ready-made solution for stage masking. Made from standard Molton thermal cut in smaller widths, RollMolton combined with the rental borders proved to be a very handy and affordable solution.   

Red velvets do the trick

On stage, a giant LED wall backdrop was framed by 11-metre-high stage curtains made of red Velours Delta. Attached to versatile ShowTrack rails by ShowTex Rental, the extra-wide synthetic velvets made for a very durable and totally opaque solution that could move in and out of sight when needed.

Another red velvet, beautifully draped on a rented Kabuki system, even became an integral part of the show when it dropped down and an acrobat suddenly popped out of it. The act took everyone by surprise as it looked as if the actor had fallen down together with the velvet drape!

Draped taffeta sets the mood

No detail was left unattended as even the musical restaurant was stylishly dressed in flame-retardant taffeta. Using eco-friendly and extra-wide DekoTaft curtains, the inviting bistro resembled a very classy pavilion. The combination of classy blue walls and bright white curtains, carefully draped over a truss structure, was spot on.

An impressive spectacle, taking the audience on a magical journey under the sea!

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