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Voile projection surface
Voile projection surface
Voile projection sheer
Voile projection fabric
projection voile


Athens, Greece
March 2018

The multimedia performance BELOVED! is a unique Greek-German collaboration between 3 renowned artists, combining a dazzling live performance by video artist Manuela Hartel with the sound of ambient music and a myriad of illustrative projections on Voile CS. 

Sheers as a see-through projection surface

By installing different layers of black and white sheers on stage, ShowTex conveniently added extra depth to the impressive multimedia set. The gossamer provided a massive see-through projection surface, creatively brought to life by the mesmerising video mapping effects. As the performer stood in the middle of the inherently flame-retardant Voile CS drapes, she could interact with the projected visuals and ended up becoming an integral part of the incredible show!

A multi-sensory experience!