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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

BERG - printed fabrics
BERG - printed fabrics

BERG - Raumteid

Ghent, Belgium
March 2019

Landscapes dominated by mountains are fascinating, to say the least. So, for the music theatre 'Berg', based on Thomas Mann's novel 'The Magic Mountain', the Belgian music theatre company Raumteid sought to reproduce that unique atmosphere on stage as well. Printed backdrop? Check!

Extra-wide fabric for panoramic prints

During a visual symphony in which sound, image, words and movement set the tone, a realistically printed backdrop with three giant mountains spontaneously transported the audience to a place high in the Swiss Alps.

The extra-wide Universal 250 Print was the perfect material for a seamless 3 by 5-metre artwork of a remarkable print quality.

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Mixing print with stage effects

Combined with lighting, movement and other stage effects, this high-quality and affordable print fabric can reproduce tons of different vibes, matching each scene.

Stage lights made the colours pop, smoke was used to simulate clouds and the overall print detail ensured every single spectator felt right in the middle of the spectacular mountains!