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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

La Perle by Dragone

Dubai, UAE
October 2017

65 performers, 2.7 million litres of water and a custom-built theatre in the heart of Dubai. Renowned theatre director Franco Dragone has set foot in the Middle East with a fully immersive concept featuring a one-of-a-kind stage concept.

Downstage, ShowTex manufactured and installed a giant 11-metre by 27-metre ShowLED Chameleon Starcloth, which is 100% DMX controllable from the lighting desk. The impressive RGB LED curtain is installed in a curved line to enhance the infinity effect.

A large amount of black masking fabric is used to hide the technical systems in the theatre. The great thing about Velours Delta is that it has a unique width of 210 cm and are both inherently flame-retardant. The perfect choice for a humid environment such as the La Perle aqua theatre.

All speakers in the theatre are masked with the sound-transparent Velours TransSonic CS. This inherently flame-retardant velvet hides speakers without audible loss of sound quality and can be custom printed with your own design!

But the biggest ShowTex masterpiece is without any doubt the DMX controlled ChainTrack system moving a huge black curtain in and out of sight. The curtain runs behind the massive decorative gate on stage to blackout or to reveal the set behind it. The curtain is 23 metres high by 24 metres wide and folds up in an incredibly tight space by means of the clever ChainTrack continuous loop system. It is possibly the heaviest and tallest curtain ever moving on a ChainTrack system!

The focal point of the show is the central ornament for which Dragone turned to ShowTex’s anodised aluminium Spirelli curtain. Measuring 13 metres in height with a nine-metre radius it was once again at the large end of the scale. Behind the Spirelli curtain is a LaserVoile drape which creates a beautiful halo effect to further enhance the desired look and feel of the show. Additionally, La Perle makes use of several Kabuki releases for dropping cables and scenic rope elements during the show.

A true visual masterpiece!


Artistic Director: Franco Dragone