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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Immersive projections on theatre scrim
Mirror foil stage props for theatre
Glasslike box stage decor for contemporary theater

See-through GiantMirror box on stage

June 2022

Glasslike mirror foil and invisible projection mesh turned this performance into a real spectacle using clever reflection and projection effects.

Crystal-clear foil shapes a glasslike box

In Dissection d’une chute de neige, playwriter Sara Stridsberg and director Christophe Rauck portray a modern hero that tries to break down the fictive walls of forbidden love and freedom of choice from within a glass-like box.

The box is the décor piece of the play and combines crystal-clear PVC and lightweight mirror foil, mounted in a 3D structure. Thanks to its perfect clarity and transparency, the audience actually believes they are looking at real glass!

Projections on scrims add versatility

A clever mix of light effects and reflections on the see-through mirror foil certainly adds to the drama, while projections on an invisible theatre scrim turn the sober box into a versatile set piece. From PVC banner to magical forest backdrop in a snap. A thrilling spectacle of reflection and projection. Set design on point!

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Project credits

Théâtre du Nord, Théâtre de Nanterre Amandiers