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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

14-18 Musical

May 2014

The widely discussed musical "14-18" by Studio 100 promised to be a spectacular show about the First World War : a performance area as big as two football fields filled with mobile set pieces and a moving platform that brings the audience closer to the action! ShowTex provided hundreds of meters of flame retardant stage textile for dressing this spectacular show on and offstage. As the musical takes place in a venue with an arched structure, all curtains were completely made to size.


An impressive acoustic curtain (14m x 60m) hangs between the lobby and the theatre to optimize the sound quality. This perfectly flat 3-layered wall consisting of Acoustic Baffles between two layers of Molton has a giant print integrated on one side to make this massive curtain visually extra appealing. An amazing feat!

Both sides of the theatre are completely masked with 2 Molton curtains each of no less than 160m long and 7m high. The new EasyDrape system allowed ShowTex to create about 10 passageways in these walls for actors, horses, carriages and props. Furthermore, the famous rolling platform, the truss frames above the performance area, and 8 scaffolding towers for spotlights are completely masked with made-to-measure Molton curtains.


An RP Black screen (11m x 45m) in front of a black box makes up the backdrop of the impressive stage on which the musical takes place. Realistic projections take the spectators back in time and complete the overall experience!


The atmosphere created to invoke a sense of war continues right into the lobby: off-white Molton curtains and two eye-catching chandeliers, printed by ShowTex, transform it into an exhibition about the First World War. Just the right mood is set in the VIP area by an army tent out of Juncko.

14-18 is a project by Studio 100, Frank Van Laecke, Dirk Brosse and Allard Blom, who pull out all the stops with this show. A fine example of creativity and technical ingenuity!

Project credits

Studio 100