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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Hong Kong Ballet

Hong Kong
October 2014

The Hong Kong Ballet’s stage managers boldly decided to make the stage seem wider using elegant Spaghetti string curtains by ShowTex instead of the traditional black fabric for the legs on stage. Set and costume designer Thomas Mika matched the stylish concept with ShowTex laser cut fabrics and stage-wide Spaghetti curtains for the backdrop.

Two stunning trees from laser-cut Molton mounted on ShowTex Stage Net seemed to stand up on their own, as the fine thread of the net is almost invisible to the audience. The branches, barely 2 cm thick, are a perfect example of our highly accurate laser-cut technology. An extra sense of depth was created on stage by placing one tree in front of the other.

Mika also raised the traditional midstage curtain (olio traveller curtain) to a higher level opting for the minimal light-reflecting qualities of ShowTex Velours. To give it an extra twist, the Don Quixote logo was cut out at the bottom of the curtain and backlit through the ShowTex RP Black installed behind it, creating a colourful play of light onstage!