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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Theme Park & Museum

Immersive art expo with large-scale projection screens
360° immersive projections of artworks
Art expo with immersive imagery on 600m² projection materials
Sensory expo experience using immersive projections on gauze
Immersive projection mapping on scrim
Mesmerising projections generate captivating expo experience
Wide Wool Serge drape dresses up international expo Triennale di Milano
Wool Serge drape for expo Triennale di Milano
Versatile use of Wool Serge Colour at international exhibition
Immersive projections on expo entrance
Immersive mirrors serve as expo entrance
Projection and reflection effects on GiantMirror
Cutout blackout fabrics on a custom-bent OrientTrack rail system for Floriade Expo
Cutout fabrics on a custom-bent rail system
Museum design using light-blocking fabrics
Golden mirrorfoil ceiling decorations and printed voile expo design
Golden mirror expo display for Maison Cartier
Custom mirrors show off jewellery artily
Acoustic multi-layered curtain set-up for the M+ Museum
Acoustic drapes for M+ Museum
Sound absorbing blackout curtains
XL printed cyclorama as theming fabric
Theming fabrics for the Universal Beijing Resort
Printed cyclo and blackout textiles
Decorative ceiling cloths for theme park performance
Custom-printed theming fabrics for Puy Du Fou
Fabric ceiling covers & prints
Expo design with backlit muslin canvasses and transparent sheers
Layered sheers dress up Art Jewel Exhibit
Backlit sheers in aluminium 3D structure
360 immersive projections of famous artworks in museums
1000m² of projection fabrics for the Gustav Klimt expo
360 projections of famous artworks
Immersive projections on retro projection screens
Immersive projections at Valentino’s fashion expo
Immersive projections will guide you
Luscious satin drapes and mirror displays
Archaeology Museum of Catalonia
Cyclorama ceiling renovation
The Art Hour
Entertainment experience with blackout curtains
Sacred Heart Basilica
Celebrating with printed expo fabrics
MAAT Museum
Stylish fabric partitions lead the way
Beyond Bruegel - projection screens - RP Off White
Beyond Bruegel
Art meets 360° projection technology
Bicentennial Experience Singapore spaghetti projection
The Bicentennial Experience
Immersive projection surfaces
Popcorn Revenge Walibi - Velours curtains
Popcorn Revenge
Interactive velvet draperies
Cube Frame museum display
Art Gallery NSW
High-end museum displays
Al Shindagha Museum
Top-notch printed display fabrics & screens in custom frames
Home Futures - print frames
Home Futures
Print Frame divider walls for the win!
Holiday Indoor - printed backdrop
Holiday Indoor
Huge printed backdrop sets the tone
Projections on sheer fabric box for New Suns exposition
New Suns Expo
Stunning projections on a three-dimensional Voile CS screen
Experience Traps - Cyclorama
Experience Traps
Custom-dyed Cyclo drapes for temporary theatre installation
VR Park- projection on StretchTulle
VR Park
Grey StretchTulle ceiling covered in mind-blowing projections
Samson Young - blackout fabric on moving track
Samson Young
Custom ChainTrack rail adjusts its speed to the tempo of the music
Efteling Symbolica - velvets
Efteling Symbolica
ShowTex is a proud partner of this award-winning theme park ride
[dis]connect mirror
GiantMirror creates striking illusion
IMG Worlds of Adventure
IMG Theatre
A true ShowTex showroom
Unique curved walls from GobelinTulle
Comics Station Antwerp
Comics Station Antwerp
flame-retardant textile for comics-themed amusement park
The Mondriaan House
The Mondriaan House
Projections on a cube made of GobelinTulle & Blackout Double
Nordic Light Expo
recreating the northern lights with Voile CS & FP Blackout by ShowTex
an installation featuring multiple projection screens by ShowTex
Amazonia at the MEG
Choucroute & laser-cut fabrics on another level
Le Dernier Panache
Featuring tons of ShowTex material
UABBHK Exhibition
A mesmerising transparent mirror and projection screen setup 
Vestiges by Josef Koudelka
Semi-transparent Printed Bannerdrape room dividers
elegant white Voile CS curtains and vivid red DekoTaft borders
Irish Design 2015
a liminal experience with translucent cycs and voile by showtex
Dino reveal
Giant ShowTex black box
Sensing Spaces
pvc and voile as projection surfaces
Plopsa Theatre
ShowLED star cloths, theatre curtains & rail systems
Giant organic structure from StretchTulle
Toots 90
Blue Note Records inspired velvets
Historium Bruges
Keying fabrics, cycs, and studio drapes
Studio Verwey
Spaghetti string curtains as open room dividers
Diamond Jubilee
Unique ShowTex projection surfaces
Printed wallcoverings and Rail H100 tracks
High Arctic
Giant Mirror creating an abstracted arctic landscape
Coloured Past
extra large printed museum display banners
Ferrari World
Unique projection surfaces and reveal curtains
Theming fabrics for Plopsa
Theming fabrics for Plopsa
Flame-retardant fabrics reveal the rides and light up the stars


Theme Park & Museum

Amazonia at the MEG

Over 2000 m2 of flame-retardant fabrics to recreate the Amazon rainforest

Le Dernier Panache

Probably one of the most daring shows Puy Du Fou ever created.

UABBHK Exhibition

A mesmerizing transparent mirror and projection screen setup for the 2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture. 

Vestiges by Josef Koudelka

Semi-transparent Printed Bannerdrape room dividers in an exhibition by Josef Koudelka.


This Jubilee exhibition at the Maritime Museum of Gothenburg tells the story of the Swedish American Line.

Irish Design 2015

Exhibition design creates liminal experience featuring translucent cyc cloths and sheers by ShowTex.


Brand new water park features a 150 m wide and waterproof printed backdrop by ShowTex.

Dino reveal

Giant ShowTex black box reveals a massive 155-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton at Dubai Mall. 

Sensing Spaces

Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Plopsa Theatre

ShowLED Classic star cloths, flame retardant theatre curtains and innovative rail systems.


An exceptional structure by ShowTex for an exceptional exhibition in the Heureka science centre.

Toots 90

Blue Note Records inspired velvets for the Toots 90 Expo celebrating the life and work of Toots Thielemans.