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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Mondriaan House
The Mondriaan House
The Mondriaan House

The Mondriaan House

Amersfoort, The Netherlands
May 2017

The Mondriaan House at Amersfoort got a make-over. The exhibition starts from a blank canvas and ends up in the interactive 'New York' room. Projections on, inside and outside a freestanding semi-transparent cube by ShowTex portray Mondriaan and highlight his masterpiece Victory Boogie Woogie.

ShowTex attached grey GobelinTulle to the front of the cube. This classical theatre scrim is used as a projection surface, which at certain moments becomes almost transparent as soon as the backside of the tissue is lit. The colourful pattern of lines and rectangles projected on the cube continues to the floor and walls integrating the visitors into the installation.

ShowTex mounted Blackout Double to the back sides of the cube to prevent the cube from becoming totally transparent and to give it a unique three-dimensional effect. This audio-visual show playing with light and projections in, on and around the cube could not have been realised without this blackout fabric.

A delight of sound and colour!

Project credits

Tinker Imagineers