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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


March 2013

“The Wind in the Bowels” exhibition at the Finnish science centre Heureka is a unique look at the structure and the functions of a healthy digestive system. Designer Olli Weckman commissioned ShowTex for the production of a gigantic three dimensional StretchTulle structure.

The fabric piece consited of 4 panels of StretchTulle measuring 8m x 8m finished with PolyStretch and RibCord. Tensioning the cloth at a variety of positions resulted in a remarkable and organic looking construction.

StretchTulle is an extremely elastic gauze, and like PolyStretch, it’s ideal for 3D applications. This stretch fabric can also be used for sprinkler ceilings, outdoor events, and even as a projection surface. Combine with the handy Mesh Fabric Profile for quick and easy tensioning.