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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Immersive art expo with large-scale projection screens
Immersive projections of art, with masking Molton in all the right places
360° art expo with projections on blackout projection materials

360° immersive projections of artworks

Hong Kong, China
February 2023

Step inside the artworks of famous painter Claude Monet thanks to 600m² projection materials and masking fabrics in all the right places.

Immersive projections show off artworks

Be immersed by a famous painter’s artworks and actually step inside his masterpieces. Sounds impossible, right? Well, it’s made possible at the expo “En Voyage with Claude Monet”, where no less than 600m² blackout projection screens and masking textiles lift the art experience to a whole new level. The creative brains behind this expo are companies ChillHoYeah and Dirty Monitor, who put their heads together to bring the artist’s paintings come to life in a way no Hong Kong resident has ever seen before.

And how they succeeded! By cladding the walls of the exhibition hall with 6-meter-high projection screens, they created an extraordinary 360° video mapping feast. The large-scale projection materials vividly depict the video content in high resolution. What a way to immerse your visitors in art!

Made-to-measure masking fabrics

To create the ultimate immersive feel, masking solutions are indispensable. Using projectors to show off digital masterpieces comes with a lot of unwanted cabling that can distract the visitors and undermine their visual experience. That’s why ShowTex provided made-to-measure Molton mounted in custom aluminium frames to mask all hardware. Immersive expo back on track!

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