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Comics Station Antwerp

Comics Station Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium
June 2017

Comics Station Antwerp is the name of the brand-new indoor theme park in the heart of Antwerp Central Station. ShowTex Belgium was commissioned to supply multiple printed canvasses and projection screens, the masking of several attractions and the furnishing of the Comics Theatre.

The park offers no less than 60 attractions and activities starring the most popular Belgian comic heroes divided into 6 themed zones with a total surface area of 6.200m². Each zone is dedicated to a famous Belgian comic series.

The Kiekeboes, for instance, have got their own Drop Tower, that is entirely covered with Molton masking drapes. Jommeke’s Flying Balls attraction on the other hand is surrounded by a projection surface made of PolyStretch P8 CS Matt Heavy mounted in a Print Frame measuring 4m in height and more than 20m in width.

In the Lucky Luke Saloon you can shoot at the Daltons and play many games realised using RP Grey screens. The Smurfs’ Ride also allows you to collect several objects on different projection screens made of RP Grey and FrontScreen XL to help the Smurfs organise a huge party.

The Comics Theatre is a spacious 4D cinema with 150 seats where visitors can enjoy a 3D short film starring Lucky Luke. The theatre-red main curtain made of Velours Hamlet is attached to a ShowPipe rail controlled by the Rope Drive Lite. A Cyclo 200 horizon cloth serves as projection screen which also produces a very beautiful reflection. The rest of the room is lined with Molton masking textile to keep the light out and to optimise the acoustics.

It is obvious that there is a lot to see and discover at Comics Station Antwerp. Fun guaranteed for young and old!