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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

XL printed cyclorama as theming fabric
Visually seamless cyclorama as backdrop for this theme park
Printed textiles dress up the thrill rides at this theme park

Theming fabrics for the Universal Beijing Resort

Beijing, China
September 2021

The opening of the much-anticipated Universal Beijing Resort was a great success. Can you spot the XL printed backdrops and blackout theming fabrics?

An XL printed backdrop sets the tone

As you enter Kung Fu Panda’s Land of Awesomeness, you can’t overlook the extra-wide printed canvas, surrounding the Valley of Peace. The impressive landscape on the visually seamless cyclo defines the scene and adds depth to the venue. Lit with UV lighting and conventional theatre lighting, the 5158 sqm cyclorama immerses the visitors of KFP land.

In the water ride, the giant theming cyclorama is combined with large scale projections. Because besides printable, the cyclo fabric is a superb projection material as well!

Masking fabrics in all the right places

All over the resort, masking drapes block out the light completely, or let it simmer through when needed. But apart from their technical function, they have a decorative use as well. Especially in the Jurassic World area, where regular and slashed black fabrics enhance the prehistoric feel. Theming done right.

Printed textiles add the finishing touch

XL backdrops, banners, signage, wallpapers, display banners, … printed textiles dress up the park in every corner. Being inherently flame-retardant according to the Chinese GB-B1 standard, Cyclo 300 CS Print is the perfect print material for these applications. In combination with projection, the fabrics add a little magic to the rides. The lantern ride, for example, has projections inside translucent lampshades that turn the ride into a colourful spectacle.

Universal did it again with a well thought through theme park design.
On the lookout for flame-retardant theming fabrics to dress up your space as well?

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