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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion



Paris, France
February 2017

Kazakh contemporary artist, Almagul Menlibayeva, is a socially conscious artist who mainly uses video installations to tell a story. Her latest installation 'Transformation' was designed especially for the Salon d'honneur at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Almagul filled the room with her installation of multiple projection screens by ShowTex without dividing the towering monumental space of 1.200 m2. The projected movies showed a series of impressive works that intermingle, contrast and communicate with one another.

Menlibayeva hung three giant fabric panels from the ceiling, all made of Blackout 270. This white blackout fabric blocks ambient light and turned out to be the perfect choice for the 98 m2 fabric screens, on which visitors could watch movies while lying on beanbags.

Another significant piece in the room was the giant 'lightbox' made up of five RP Off-White screens. This low-gain PVC spreads the light nicely and has a very wide viewing angle, making these rear projection screens almost look like enormous television screens.

Project credits

ADC Production