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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Home Futures - print frames
Home Futures - cyclorama
Home Futures - voile

Home Futures

London, UK
March 2019

Ever wondered how past generations imagined us living today? The Home Futures expo at the London Design Museum invites you to explore just that! Six makeshift rooms, all fully constructed with flame-retardant fabrics and frames, each focus on a different aspect of living.

Temporary room dividers

Free-standing aluminium structures, anyone? Over 1000 metres of Double Print Frames creatively split the large expo area into several display sections of a staggering 4.3m high. Both straight and curved, the massive amount of profiles was carefully made to size forming a fascinating pathway to guide the visitors through the exhibition.

Find out more about these profiles here

Translucent textile walls

All frames were fully covered with translucent white fabrics on both sides, turning your expo visit into a somewhat immersive experience. The combination of Cyclo 200 CS on one side and a thin PolarisVoile CS on the other, lets sound, light and shadows bleed through, resulting in a dreamy passage that merges inside and outside.

Creative shapes with stretch fabric

The stunning entrance of the exhibition has StretchTulle written all over it. This flexible, elastic mesh distributes light beautifully and can stretch seamlessly up to almost 8 m wide. A great match with the morphing Print Frame structure which welcomes the guests in style!

Further up, the IKEA Future Living Lab also features a beautiful StretchTulle ornament. After climbing down some sort of rabbit hole in the Print frame wall, visitors can relax looking up to a giant 3D mesh structure. The organic shape of the see-through fabric is key for the soft and comfy atmosphere of the installation.

Discover more creative StretchTulle designs

Fabric projection surfaces

Spread across the exhibition, various projectors are showcasing images on both sides of the translucent walls. To make sure the projected light does not shine through the screen, the fabric projection surfaces are made of Blackout Flex BB, which features a pitch-black backing. The same polyester blackout fabric was also used in one of the other installations to create a mysterious dark corner.

The ultimate light diffusing foil

Even imitating the look and feel of a damp greenhouse is possible with walls of fabric. ClearScreen Frost to be exact. This mat PVC foil is a great diffuser fabric that perfectly reproduces the image of a foggy window. Put some plants behind it and you're good to go!

The same frosted projection material reappears in the interactive bed installation, which features a circular ceiling that diffuses the light very softly and evenly.

Playing with transparency

All through the exhibition, some taller walls and partitions were made of Voile CS to add even more dynamics to the expo design. Playing with translucent fabrics in different thicknesses and transparencies produces a deeply fascinating and appealing display, but still ensures a harmonious look. A challenging installation with a stunning and dreamy result!

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