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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

[dis]connect mirror
[dis]connect mirror
[dis]connect mirror


Frankfurt, Germany
April 2018

For his artwork, [dis]connect, German designer and artist Philipp Fürhofer chose ShowTex GiantMirror to magically transform the rotunda of the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt into a striking illusionary space.

GiantMirror ceiling

Two circular GiantMirror ceilings were carefully positioned one above the other, in line with the height of the building's upper stories. Merely by adjusting the light, the artist was able to create two different spatial situations and completely transform the atmosphere of the rotunda!

Shifting lights transform the space

When the floor was illuminated, the lower, semi-transparent mirror foil resembled a stunning false ceiling which reflected everything below it and visually reduced the space. Once the light shifted to the upper area of the rotunda, the lower mirror suddenly became fully transparent and allowed guests to admire the entire circular structure above them.

Endless reflections

By alternating the lights on the two mirrors, Fürhofer could easily play with the viewers’ perception of what is real. But things became even more impressive when walking up the corridors in between the mirrors. The repetitive reflections of both lightweight mirror ceilings resulted in a visually endless multiplication of the building, putting visitors instantly on the verge of fantasy and reality!


[dis]connect is commissioned by Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt on occasion of the exhibition DIORAMA

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Project credits

Philipp Fürhofer