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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Printed, backlit cyclorama backdrop for theme park
Printed, backlit cyclorama decorates theme park
Animal and sea-themed stretch fabric decorate theme park

Theming fabrics for SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE
October 2023

Highly anticipated and finally here: SeaWorld Abu Dhabi opened its doors. Get ready to experience marine life like never before, thanks to an enormous amount of square metres of printed and blackout theming fabrics.

Printed, backlit cyclorama for theme park SeaWorld Yas Island

18 000 m² of seamless print fabrics for a full theming experience

Journeying through the depths of the ocean never felt more realistic than at SeaWorld’s latest marine life theme park, where extra-wide printed cycloramas dress up the majority of the realms in different immersive themes. Whether to evoke oceanic, arctic or tropic atmospheres, each background matches the scene perfectly thanks to custom prints. Even more so, the super wide canvases surround each venue entirely to immerse visitors from all sides. A unique 360° marine life experience brought to life.

The realms enjoy beautiful diffuse imagery by backlighting the printed artworks with no less than 200,000 pixel-controlled LED lights mounted on a waterproof netting. The PVC print fabric turned out to be the perfect solution for this permanent installation, as it stays in perfect shape in a humid area. And it doesn’t stop there, as the LEDs gradually change colour to immerse the park in a day or night atmosphere that perfectly matches the actual time of day. A one-of-a-kind installation for an unforgettable theme park experience.

Over 5 000m² of masking fabrics add to the immersion

Working with XL installations and cutting-edge light technology involves a lot of trusses and cabling that can undermine the immersive experience. But that was easily solved by applying black ShowTex fabrics in all the right places, masking technical installation materials and blocking ambient light. A subtle way to add to the visitor experience.

Stretch fabric 3D structures in the shape of coral and jellyfish dress up theme parkStretch fabric 3D-structures to top things off

The theme park designers took the aquatic vibe even further by installing organic 3D structures in the shape of ocean elements and sea creatures. By combining stretch fabrics, lighting and fibre optics, every theme park visitor feels as if they’re actually swimming in the ocean when walking through colourful coral and ornate jellyfish decorations.

It’s safe to say that the fixed installation at Seaworld Abu Dhabi will be discussed long after all visitors have left the building. On the lookout for your own captivating theme park design?

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Project credits

ALEC engineering & contracting LLC / Aspen creations LLC