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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Al Shindagha Museum

Dubai, UAE
May 2019

The newly opened museum on the banks of the Dubai Creek promises visitors a fascinating insight into the rich past of the UAE. Using a huge amount of printed fabrics, custom frames and projection screens, the heritage building could be transformed into an engaging visitor experience, with the greatest respect for its original characteristics.

Printed exhibition displays

All around the museum pavilions, the UAE's history and culture are presented on super detailed fabric prints, mounted in custom aluminium print frames. No better choice than the high-quality Universal 250 BB to allow visitors a close-up look at the artwork. Furthermore, the black backing of this flame-retardant print material fully hides the framework and prevents any backlighting from interfering with the image.

Superb reproduction of video content

Multisensory and interactive museum experiences are not complete without immersive projections. That's why all through the permanent expo, visitors are triggered by elegant graphics on different kinds and shapes of projection surfaces. Universal RP Grey screens for rear projection, light blocking FP Blackout screens or perforated FP High Contrast Grey screens, there was a perfect match for each application.

Museum and exhibition textiles

With very high standards in terms of quality and finishing, a museum display can often be challenging. Visitors of the Al Shindagha Museum will, however, be rewarded with top-notch photo and video content showcased on the best possible choice of flame-retardant display fabrics!

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