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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Acoustic multi-layered curtain set-up for the M+ Museum
Acoustic multi-layered velvet curtain set-up for the M+ Museum
Multi-layered velours drapes for the M+ Museum
Multi-layered blackout curtain set-up for the M+ Museum

Acoustic drapes for M+ Museum

Hong Kong, China
January 2022

The global museum of contemporary visual culture recently opened with a bang. Multi-layered drapes add both to the look and to the acoustic qualities of the venue.

Sound-absorbing curtain solution

Entering the auditorium, the enormous curtains covering the walls and windows immediately catch your attention. And they surely are not static, as nine ChainTrack systems are used to set the acoustic multi-layered drapes in motion. Open or closed, the decorative fabrics always add to the atmosphere of the auditorium, but obviously the acoustic effect is best when they are fully shut. Closing the velvet drapes turns the space completely soundproof and prevents noise from both entering and leaving the venue.

Slanted blackout drapes

In the learning centre of the museum, another challenging curtain set up was waiting to be overcome. Because how do you cover a giant window with a curtain that drapes beautifully and smoothly, if you can only install it at an angle? Flexible multi-layered blackout drapes, attached to Compact Plus tracks did the trick. Layering the masking curtains gave a unique and decorative touch to the room. Stunning!

On the lookout for an elegant acoustic solution for your space, but unsure where to start?

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