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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Immersive projections on expo entrance
Infinite reflections on expo entrance

Immersive mirrors serve as expo entrance

Shenzhen, China
December 2022

Luxury brand Cartier launched its latest CLASH series “Double-sided Charm” with an entrée you’ll never forget. Literally. Immerse yourself in endlessly reflecting projections when entering this GiantMirror tunnel.

GiantMirror gets you excited

Starting from the moment you enter the jewellery expo, the designers know how to please the eye. By placing LED walls behind silver mirrors, endless reflections mesmerize the exhibition visitors. With three custom-shaped and visually seamless reflective foils, it was a rather challenging installation that was quickly tackled by great teamwork and smart engineering.

Made-to-measure mirror frames

To generate that sought-for seamless effect, the custom mirrors were tensioned in made-to-measure frames. ShowTex offers a range of lightweight and stable frames to support mirrors, screens and fabrics. Perfect for a temporary installation like a museum expo.

Want to make an impression that lasts using illusive reflection effects?

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