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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Nordic Light Expo

March 2017

Note Design Studio took over the grand central hall of the Nordiska Museum in Stockholm to recreate the northern lights and moon reflections with carefully selected fabrics and frames by ShowTex.

On either end of the majestic exhibition venue, a large-scale disc was suspended from the ceiling, representing the moon and the sun as natural light sources. Both circular frames were covered with FP Blackout projection screens to prevent interference of the ambient light with the projected iridescent light effects.

ShowTex arranged a 50m long semi-transparent Voile CS in zigzag fashion above the 5m wide moon. Every twenty minutes, the sheer fabric created a mesmerizing shadow play when a beam of light projected the colours of the famous northern lights.

The translucent fabric installation was the absolute highlight of the exhibition, leaving the visitors wonderstruck by its beautiful interaction with light!

Project credits

Nordiska Museet
Note Design Studio - Alexis Holmqvist