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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Hasselt, Belgium
January 2021

With lush red draperies and glass-like display foils, the latest exposition at the Museum of Fashion in Hasselt (Belgium) welcomes you to discover its rich designer archives. Welcome to DRESS.CODE.

Lush red fabrics for a luxurious display

Entering the exhibition space, you immediately step into a world of luxury and wealth, as the extra-wide glossy drapes set the tone with their vibrant red colour and lush display. The decorative fabrics gracefully guide you through the first hall of the exhibit, full of unique pieces of clothing. Especially in combination with the museum lighting, the stylish satin-like material turns out to be a superb choice for this fashion display.

Glass-like boxes mimic display windows

Throughout the expo, glass display cases stylishly present the pieces of designer clothing. To perfectly mimic the look of glass, the museum opted for crystal-clear mirror foil. By playfully placing spotlights behind this highly transparent foil, the garments come to their full extent. What an original manner of showcasing your pieces of art.

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Scenography by Charlotte Debussche